Meet Our Animals

The rescued big cats at LIONSROCK total around 100 and originate from 16 different countries around the world. 

At LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary these big cats have found a forever home, coming from Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Gaza, Germany, Great Britain, Iraq, Jordan, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Syria. 

Here you can learn more about LIONSROCK, our big cats, and their stories.

Lioness Andi

From a selfie-mascot for tourists to sharing her home with lion Simba


Lioness Nala

Nala left behind a sad existence, finding a new home at LIONSROCK 

Lioness Neida at LIONSROCK

Lioness Neida

From zoo to circus to freedom

Lion Pregan at LIONSROCK

Lion Pregan

The maneless lion

Lions Ivan and Cornel

Lions Ivan & Cornel

The brothers from Belgrade now live their best life at LIONSROCK

Lionesses Kara & Lea

Lionesses Kara & Lea

Rescued from Bulgaria and Romania

The French siblings Mario and Marion

Lion Mario & Lioness Marion

Rescued from canned hunting

Lions Paco, Richard and Rici

Lions Paco, Richard & Rici

The first all-male pride at LIONSROCK

Tiger Raspoetin

Tiger Raspoetin

The "accidental" tiger who stole the hearts of many

Bloem Zoo Rescue

Tigers Shevar & Sharukh

Two tigers finding a home at LIONSROCK after an emergency rescue

Triplets Rafik, Mirza & Zita at LIONSROCK

Tigers Rafik, Mirza & Zita

LIONSROCK's funny tiger trio!

Leopard Bakari at LIONSROCK

Leopard Bakari

Abused as 'selfie animal'

Leopards Tulani and Mike

Leopards Mike & Tulani

At home in their species-appropriate environment

Hyena Phiri at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa

Hyena Phiri

Visitors find a whooping surprise among the more than 70 lions, 23 tigers and three leopards.

Golden Pride at LIONSROCK

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