Leopards Tulani and Mike

LEOPARDS Mike & Tulani . . .

at home in their species-appropriate environment

Tulani, the female leopard of the duo, was born at Stone Safaris in the Free State Province of South Africa.  She was hand-raised and purchased by the previous owners of what later would be known as LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. She arrived here in February 2003, when she was still a cub. Mike was captured from the wild in a live trap, as a problem animal, and brought here in 2005 instead of being killed.

Although they share an enclosure, the two leopards differ quite a lot. Tulani is very confident and is not shy to people. 

Mike, however, is the exact opposite as he was not exposed to human contact growing up in the wild. The difference in their personalities is exactly due to the human influence on Tulani – being exposed more to humans than Mike was. 

They were put together by the previous owner and grew very close over the years, becoming the resident couple who seems to be in love all the time.

FACTS ABOUT Mike & Tulani 

  • Tulani was born in November 2002 & hand-raised by the 
    previous owners of the property
  • Mike arrived at LIONSROCK in 2005
  • Tulani arrived at LIONSROCK in February 2003
  • They were socialised at LIONSROCK
  • Mike & Tulani love to cuddle