Lionesses Kara & Lea

Kara and Lea living a social life

Rescued from Bulgaria and Romania


Two female lions, Lea from Bulgaria and Kara from Romania, arrived at LIONSROCK on 29th October 2010. Kara and Lea were socialised immediately upon their release. 
Lea was born in September 2009, and was delivered to the Bulgarian Authorities and FOUR PAWS in April 2010 by a private owner.  Following her rescue she was temporarily kept in Sofia zoo, which agreed to accommodate her until arrangements could be made by FOUR PAWS to transfer her to LIONSROCK. It was discovered that Lea had been de-clawed. Unfortunately this cruel act is undertaken by some people to make lions less dangerous. 

Kara and a sibling was born in August 2008 after the closure of Tecuci Zoo in Romania. The two cubs were given to a private owner. Of these two female cubs, Kara's sibling was killed while fighting with a dog when she was between 6 and 7 months old. It was clear that FOUR PAWS would rescue Kara from these horrible conditions.

Arrangements were made to transfer Kara and Lea to LIONSROCK the same time and immediately socialise them. We always aim to give single lions a chance for a companion which is important for their well-being as a social animal.

Lioness Lea and Kara at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary


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