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Shevar and Sharukh

Two tigers finding a home at LIONSROCK after an emergency rescue


Days before a lockdown was announced in South Africa in 2020, FOUR PAWS was able to give a home to two tigers and three jackals at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.

Together with other organisations, a total of 150 animals have found species-appropriate homes across the country after the Bloemfontein Zoo in the Free State closed down.

The zoo temporarily closed down in December 2019 and failed to keep their promise to continue feeding and taking care of some of the animals. When it became known that five animals died from starvation, FOUR PAWS organised an emergency intervention.  

FOUR PAWS arrived at the closed down zoo and transferred two tiger brothers and three jackals to their new home at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. 

At LIONSROCK, their new forever home, the beautiful tiger brothers, Shevar and Sharukh, are enjoying good health under the care of the Sanctuary's dedicated animal caretaker team.

 Since their arrival, Shevar and Sharukh have settled in very well and now enjoy a spacious new home where they love nothing more than cooling down in their pool and relaxing on their platforms observing the free ranging game nearby.  

They are playful and friendly tigers who are big fans of enrichment and always engage positively with the items given, sometimes even mixing their activities by bringing their enrichment into the pool!

Tiger rescued from Bloemfontein Zoo

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