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Bloem Zoo Rescue

Shevar and Sharukh

Two tigers finding a home at LIONSROCK after an emergency rescue


Days before the nationwide Covid lockdown was announced in South Africa, FOUR PAWS was able to give a home to tiger siblings Shevar and Sharukh, who were born in 2012.

The two tigers were moved to a zoo in central South Africa in 2014. A combined effort of numerous organisations ensured that a total of 150 animals found species-appropriate homes across the country after the Zoo closed.

Since their arrival, Shevar and Sharukh have settled in very well and now enjoy a spacious home where they love nothing more than cooling down in their pool and relaxing on their platforms, observing the free-roaming animals nearby.  

They are playful and friendly tigers and big fans of enrichment. Shevar and Sharukh always engage positively with the items given, sometimes even bringing their enrichment with them into the pool.

 Zoos have historically offered people the opportunity to observe dangerous or shy wild animals at close quarters. However, they must adhere to the legal standards for the keeping of wild animals, which includes meeting the biological needs of animals and contributing to conservation and education. Sadly, these animals are often still forced to live crammed into tiny spaces and in appalling conditions.

Tiger rescued from Bloemfontein Zoo

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