Leopard Bakari

All ends well for beautiful bakari

LIONSROCK's lively leopard is a true symbol of hope

Bakari, at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary known as the lively leopard, has spent six years of his life at Big Cat Centre FELIDA before finally being moved to South Africa, where he found a lifelong, species-appropriate home at LIONSROCK. 

Life wasn't easy for his beautiful leopard. Bakari was originally born in a German zoo, where his very own purpose was to take pictures with visitors during a Christmas dinner. After the event was over, he wasn't needed any longer. 

Bakari is a symbol that today's throwaway society doesn't care if it's a good or a living creature they are getting rid of. At the young age of only 2,5 months, leopard Bakari came to Pantera, a Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands, which FOUR PAWS took over in 2013. FOUR PAWS renamed it FELIDA Big Cat Centre and started building bigger enclosures for the animals there. Ever since FELIDA has been a temporary home for rescued Big Cats.

When FOUR PAWS took over Pantera, 26 Big Cats were living there. Far too many for an area of 1 hectare in size. We immediately reacted and transferred the first big cats to LIONSROCK in 2013. The following two years all-together 13 big cats found a new, species-appropriate home at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. In 2016 it was finally Bakari's turn. 

During his six years at FELIDA, he was living in FELIDA, the animal caretaker team worked hard to offer him a comfortable life. His enclosure was gradually enlarged, trees and bushes were planted for him to climb and fulfill his natural instincts and on a daily basis new enrichment was given to him. 

Nevertheless, it was clear for all that FELIDA wouldn't be Bakari's final destination. The young leopard deserved to live a species-appropriate life in the land of his forefathers. 

And so, in the end, he finally came home...