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FOUR PAWS helps animals under direct human influence and gives rescued big cats a permanent home in FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands, TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary in Germany, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jordan.

        Release of the Sudan lions at LIONSROCK

        Rescue Sudan Lions

        Feb 2024 - LIONSROCK

        A journey from conflict to sanctuary 

        #TrainTigers in the train wagon in Argentina

        Rescue Tigers Mafalda, Sandro, Gustavo and Messi

        Mar 2022 - LIONSROCK

        #TrainTigers from Argentina no longer have to live in a train

        Lions LIONSROCK

        Rescue The Golden Pride

        Nov 2022 - LIONSROCK

        Ten lions were safely transferred from the Gauteng Province 
        of South Africa to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        Cheetah Sasha

        Rescue Cheetah Sasha

         - LIONSROCK

        Sasha overcame great adversity to eventually find a safe, forever home 

        Tiger Laziz in his shelter

        Rescue Tiger Laziz

        Aug 2016 - LIONSROCK

        Happy 6th Rescueversary to tiger Laziz

        Samson in his enclosure

        Rescue Lions Samson and Tom

        Oct 2021 - LIONSROCK

        Samson and uncle Tom settling into their lives at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary  

        Rescue Shevar and Sharukh

        Rescue Tigers Shevar and Sharukh

        Mar 2020 - LIONSROCK

        Home at LIONSROCK after Emergency Rescue

        Rescue Lions Motan and Pisa

        Rescue Lions Motan and Pisa

        Apr 2019 - LIONSROCK

        Motan and Pisa have settled in incredibly well at our project LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge! 


        Rescue Starlight Tigers

        Nov 2013 - LIONSROCK

        Starlight Tigers: Circus to Sanctuary

        Three lions from the Braila Group at LIONSROCK

        Rescue Braila Group

        Jun 2008 - LIONSROCK

        Rescued in the brink of time

        Three females from the Gänserndorf Group

        Rescue Gänserndorf Group

        Nov 2007 - LIONSROCK

        The first new inhabitants of LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        Lion at LIONSROCK

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