Samson in his enclosure

Oct 2021


Rescue Lions Samson and Tom

Samson and uncle Tom settling into their lives at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary  


In October 2021, Samson and Tom arrived at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary from Seaview Predator Park. Both lions were born at this park and have lived together since 2018. Tom is Samson’s uncle and they seem to have a good relationship. Animals like Samson and Tom are often used in tourist attractions, such as cub petting, walk with opportunities, for viewing purposes and may even be used for trophy hunting.

Luckily the previous owners decided to surrender Samson and Tom to the care of LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, much like other recent arrivals, tigers Jasper and Jade.

Lion staring

Lions Samson and Tom are doing great at their forever home after a brave 1000 km long trip.  

They are now discovering their green surroundings, new toys and great food. The two lions will be receiving the best treatment possible during this transition period and in the future.  

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Update November 2021: 

Both lions have been adjusting incredibly well in their new home since their transfer and are flourishing under the African sun. 

They now have access to a bigger enclosure and have much more space to their disposal and are thriving under the expert care at LIONSOCK Big Cat Sanctuary. 

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