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Three lions from the Braila Group at LIONSROCK

Jun 2008


Rescue The Braila Group

Rescued in the brink of time

Born in a Romanian zoo in Braila in 2007, the group of 9 lions (4 females and 5 males, siblings from 3 litters) were found malnourished and in a bad state of health due to the zoo not having enough money or space, and at risk of being sold to private photographers before FOUR PAWS rescued them in June 2008 and brought them to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. 

The group lived in a single enclosure and originally consisted of males Gamba, Jengu, Maru, Samson, as well as Leo and females Gasira, Luna, Elsa, and Ekira. 

Later, Leo (male) and Ekira (female) had to be separated and were moved to our special care unit after Leo became ill. Unfortunately, his condition worsened, and he had to be euthanised in 2017. Ekira is currently in our Special Care Unite. Gasira, Luna and Elsa were separated from the group in May 2019 as the males fought for dominance over the females, causing injury and stress to the group.

Today, lions Gamba, Jengu, Maru and Samson now share an enclosure after being separated from the group, and Ekira is currently in our SCU where her and Tokkelos keep each other company.

The Braila Group

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