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Three females from the Gänserndorf Group

Nov 2007


Rescue Gänserndorf Group

The first new inhabitants of LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Arriving on 17 November 2007 from The Safari Park  Gänserndorf, the Gänserndorf group were the first group of animals transferred to our newly established sanctuary.  

Unfortunately, the Safari Park endured a number of problems right from the start, including hoof-and-mouth disease and a large fire which took the lives of 37 animals, that eventually lead to the closing of the park. When it declared bankruptcy at the beginning of 2004, FOUR PAWS took over the responsibility for the daily care of the residing lions.

Over the past years several females died of different causes, with the only two remaining females and members of the original group now being Anna and Kiara. 

Sadly, lion Neo passed away earlier this year. Neo was a soft-natured lion who was the youngest of his pride and the last lion born at former Safaripark Gänserndorf. He left behind the remaining two females of the pride; his older half-sister Kiara and aunt Anna, who with her 24 years is the oldest lion currently at LIONSROCK, and who we can only hope will still be with us for a while.