Direct insights into Big Cat life

LIONSROCK Dogs on back of bakkie

Celebrating Rescue Dog Day 2022

Bringing with it a promise of love, friendship, and kindness 

Tigers relaxing on grass

LIONSROCK family groupings so happy together

UN General Assembly proclaims 15 May, International Day of Families  

Vets drawing blood from lion cub

LIONSROCK vet keeps her resilience up by being fit and inspired

Celebrate the world class vets who celebrate World Veterinary Day a little differently.


Lifesaving procedure performed on tiger at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

It was a matter of life and death and the odds were 50/50 for the 18-year-old tiger Tomi, which calls LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary home.


Women’s Day Celebration: Our Female Guardians Worldwide

In a world where animal cruelty is still at play, our strong female guardians that make it their mission to bring the suffering of animals to an end.


Big cats from war zones

In recent years, FOUR PAWS had several successful missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria


Hildegard Pirker: 15 years with FOUR PAWS

On 15 July 2020, we celebrate 15 years of an amazing human, and the guardian of our big cats here at LIONSROCK.


News about Nala

LIONESS meets a friend at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Tiger Caruso

Meet Our AnimAls