Direct insights into Big Cat life

        LIONSROCK team attend a snake handling course at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        LIONSROCK Staff Gets to Grips

        LIONSROCK sought the expertise of the African Snakebite Institute to aid key staff members in the education and handling of our venomous inhabitants.


        Sanctuary Spotlight – Lifesaving LIONSROCK

        How LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary provides lifesaving and life changing medical care for big cats

        Simba with caretaker Erin Timmer and Tess Kroon at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary.

        Our Female Guardians Worldwide

        In a world where animal cruelty is still at play, our strong female guardians that make it their mission to bring the suffering of animals to an end.

        The Golden Pride enjoys Valentine's Day enrichment

        #GoldenPride happy together in their bigger enclosure

        Elize Parker · 10.2.2023

        The pride of ten lions relocated from a Gauteng breeding facility to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is often led by the Fabulous Four in their playful exploration of their new, bigger enclosure

        Leopard Tulani at LIONSROCK

        Big cats: A tale of tails

        Elize Parker · 27.1.2023

        Flicking… wagging… steering… swishing…A big cat’s tail sure has its own tale to tell.

        Lion Lubumbashi at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        The Weigh-in: Who is the biggest big cat at LIONSROCK?

        When it comes to size, not all the big cat species are equal with some, so to say, pulling their weight a little bit more than others.

        Landscape and wildlife at LIONSROCK

        Arbor Day tree plan, a roaring success

        Focusing on the country’s "champion trees"

        Lions Geena (left), Vincent (middle) and Roman (right)

        The Journey of the Quintuplets

        Roman, Vincent, Dolf, Ellie and Geena are 5 siblings rescued from private keeping in Romania

        Roman (left), Dolf (middle), Vincent (right)  at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary.

        In the wild or in a sanctuary, lions are proud to be a pride

        Ever wondered what makes a pride proud to be a pride?  

        Tiger Bela peaking out behind yellow flowers

        Reading between the stripes

        Myth-busting facts about tigers

        Startlight Tigers laying on the grass relaxing

        Starlight Tiger Spotting … It is a real art!

        Two FOUR PAWS Cape Town staff members get a lesson in tiger identification at our true sanctuary, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary 

        Tiger Mafalda of the Train Tigers at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in Bethlehem in South Africa.

        A next step in train tiger Mafalda's journey

        Teamwork at LIONSROCK as train tiger Mafalda leaves her enclosure for a clinic visit

         View of the tiger unit at LIONSROCK

        How our big cats cope in the cold

        A look at a day in the life of the lions and tigers living at our True Sanctuary in the Free State during winter. 

        LIONSROCK Dogs on back of bakkie

        Celebrating Rescue Dog Day 2022

        Bringing with it a promise of love, friendship, and kindness 

        Pride of lions at LIONSROCK

        LIONSROCK family groupings so happy together

        UN General Assembly proclaims 15 May, International Day of Families  

        Dr Christine Steyrer inspects a crate during the transfer of Romanian lions

        The story of a LIONSROCK vet

        Blog on celebrating LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, veterinarian, Christine Steyrer.


        Lifesaving procedure performed on tiger at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        It was a matter of life and death and the odds were 50/50 for the 18-year-old tiger Tomi, which calls LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary home.


        Big cats from war zones

        In recent years, FOUR PAWS had several successful missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria


        Hildegard Pirker: 15 years with FOUR PAWS

        On 15 July 2020, we celebrate 15 years of an amazing human, and the guardian of our big cats here at LIONSROCK.


        News about Nala

        LIONESS meets a friend at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        Tiger Caruso

        Meet Our AnimAls