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Up-to-date information about LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary and its inhabitants.

Romana Kőnigsbrun (Austrian Ambassador to SA), Carsten Hertwig (Director FOUR PAWS Sustainable Sanctuaries), Josef Pfabigan (CEO of FOUR PAWS), Hildegard Pirker (Sanctuary Manager: LIONSROCK), and Fiona Miles (Director: FOUR PAWS South Africa) reopen LIONSROCK accomodation in Bethlehem in South Africa

New look LIONSROCK rocks ethical vision

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in the Free State has undergone a transformation and was officially re-opened on Friday 6 January

#GoldenPride Release

FOUR PAWS takes over ten lions after non-compliance

Animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS takes over ten lions from provincial authorities after a compliance notice was issued to a Gauteng breeding facility


Romanian five doing well in bigger enclosure

Almost two months after they arrived to spend the rest of their lives in species-appropriate care under the African sun, the five Romanian lions at FOUR PAWS LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, are adapting well in their new three hectares enclosure

Lioness Geena arrives at LIONSROCK

Five lions rescued from Romania last year arrive at South African forever home

Former owner keeps exploiting rescued lions’ parents and one-year-old cub


Bloem tigers celebrate 1 year at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Two tigers rescued, amongst many other animals, from the Bloemfontein Zoo in 2020 celebrated their one-year anniversary at the LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, a project by the global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS.


How South Africa’s captive big cat breeding industry is exploiting animals AND people

The industry of abuse has allowed animal suffering to proliferate to alarming levels.


Full circle as two lions return home to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Uhuru and Jua were purchased in 2006 and saved from the canned hunting industry 


SATSA releases a solid set of home-grown captive wildlife interaction guidelines

Media statement by the coalition to stop captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for commercial purposes (the coalition) 


Reclassification of 33 wild mammal species under the Animal Improvement Act

Media statement by the coalition to stop captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for commercial purposes.


Rescued German tigers arrive at big cat sanctuary in South Africa

FOUR PAWS relocates two tiger trade victims from its big cat centre TIERART to LIONSROCK


10000 cinemagoers watched a movie and saved a lion

Nu Metro raised over R50 000 for FOUR PAWS Animal Welfare Foundation

Gaza Strip rescue mission

FOUR PAWS Rescues 47 Zoo Animals from the Gaza Strip

The animals are taken to sanctuaries in Jordan and South Africa

Tiger Caruso finds his happy ending at LIONSROCK

Tiger Caruso Finds his Happy Ending at LIONSROCK

FOUR PAWS transfers cruelly traded tiger from Netherlands to South Africa


War lions from Iraq and Syria find new home in South Africa

War lions from Iraq and Syria find new home in South Africa

Image of tourists being photographed with tiger

Holiday season and animal welfare

Many holiday attractions are connected to animal suffering.

Tiger Laziz being released into his enclosure

Laziz can finally be a proud tiger

He had to vegetate in a small concrete cage in Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza, the “worst zoo in the world”. Now, thanks to FOUR PAWS, tiger Laziz can really enjoy a World Animal Welfare Day for the first time in his life. What a difference!

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