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Andi, the Romanian lioness

From a selfie-mascot for tourists to sharing her home with lion Simba

A bittersweet experience, and heart-warming transformation from a “selfie mascot” on a beach to a lion-appropriate life at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. This is Andi’s story.

Andi was born in June 2011 and was bought from a zoo in Romania, by two young girls who wanted to use her as a mascot for photoshoots with tourists on the beach. After discovering that it is illegal for a private owner to keep wild animals, they found an animal lover who agreed to look after Andi at his home outside Timisoara for most of her young life. 

Unfortunately, the conditions were not appropriate, an apt description of most big cats private keeping environments.

Andi arrived at LIONSROCK in 2012 and has been socialized with another resident, Simba.

The two live happily together in their species appropriate home. FOUR PAWS stands strongly opposed to keeping big cats as pets. Big cats are not for human amusement.  


Andi at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary


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