Weeping Willow and dam

The importance of trees for animals

Trees are not only invaluable to humans for a variety of reasons but are also vital to all sorts of animals & insect species.


Animals not only use trees for much needed protection from the blazing sun, they also feed off the trees leaves, birds enjoy the berries and call trees home. It is where they make nests for their young and where young birds will take flight into the big world one day, Owls use trees to spot their prey and act with swift movement filling their bellies for the night.  Many bee species enjoy the sweet nectar of flower trees and take this pollen back to the queen bee where worker bees then produce the highly valuable honey.

We want to encourage all our readers to plant a tree today, be it indigenous or fruit trees. Help save the animals and attract new ones to your garden!

The Vegetation Team

Without these guys running our vegetation team, LIONSROCK would be a mess!

The vegetation team take charge all thing’s vegetation such as: Making sure the enclosures are always neat and tidy and that the animal’s grass is always cut. They also make sure all our newly planted trees and plants are getting the food and water they need to thrive. They also take control of the invasive tree problem, making sure that they clear all the water ways of these trees on an annual basis. These trees that are removed are then used for our animals as enrichment, chopped up for firewood or turned into benches for our guests. Nothing ever goes to waste here at LIONSROCK. The vegetation team also make sure that all our building areas are always neat and tidy. Picking up all the horse dung for our worms and compost.

Thank you to our vegetation team for all your hard work!

LIONSROCK vegetation team

Meet our vegetation team: Progress (Team leader), Fets, Simon & Jonas. 

10 reasons why you should only plant Indigenous trees and plants

  • Indigenous trees will improve soil quality and water retention within the soil. This decreases soil erosion and possibly even drought!
  • Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife such as birds, squirrels, and insects. Urban greening areas will help bring a lot more life to our cities!
  • Indigenous trees, clean the air better then invasive species
  • Indigenous trees are better at feeding the wildlife and release a chemical called DMT. DMT allows plants to talk to animals (Yes this has scientifically been proved).
  • Indigenous trees are better adapted to our climate increasing chances of surviving a drought, floods etc
  • Planting an indigenous tree is one way of promoting biodiversity while preserving our natural heritage
  • No fertilizer, pesticides or compost needed! Yip these trees know exactly how to extract what they need from the soil; they also know how to deal with pesky critters without human influence or help.
  • These trees will always attract native animals and birds and as a matter of fact native wildlife can be well supported by these plants.
  • More then 1700 types of trees to choose from.
  • The more you plant indigenous… The more trees will grown naturally!

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