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Exclusive behind the scenes content of life at LIONSROCK.

Lionsrock big cat sanctuary

What happens on feeding day?

Today we take you behind the scenes and show you the nitty gritty of feeding day at our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.

Tigress Lina’s feeding

Big cats love feeding time! Watch Lina go to her favourite feeding spot on feeding day.

Leopard Bakari’s feeding routine

Just like humans, even big cats also enjoy a little privacy. Take a look at Bakari’s feeding routine.

LIONSROCK walkway tour

Meet Ghenges, Khan, Kara, Lea and some of the oldest residents at our project, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. 

Special Care Unit at LIONSROCK

Meet the big cats in our Special Care Unit. This unit was constructed to care for elderly big cats or those needing special attention. It is also more accessible for the vet team on site

Meet our leopards at LIONSROCK

Tulani and Mike were both rescued and socialised at our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. Tulani was hand raised at a safari park and Mike was captured from the wild. 

Meet our tigers at LIONSROCK

Meet tigers Raspoetin, Rafik, Zita, and Mirza. The friendly siblings spent some time at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre before they were moved to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. 

Meet Bakari at LIONSROCK

Bakari spent six years of his life at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre before he was moved to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, where he’s now found a lifelong, species-appropriate home.

A lifelong Home for Big Cats

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