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Speciality Packages

Bridging the gap between all your passions


Planning your next breakaway/retreat but can’t decide between two passions like photography or fitness and animal welfare? We have special tailor-made packages that combine both interests with on-site specialists and invited experts in various fields. Imagine this in the beautiful setting of one of South Africa’s true Big Cat Sanctuaries and being woken by a symphony of lions roaring or the distant whoop of hyena Phiri. Other highlights to look forward to will include Sanctuary tours in open game viewers and so much learning about our Big Cats and free-roaming wildlife. What could be better than nature trails, fresh country air, sunlight, and watching Leopard Bakari scale his favourite tree and honing those skills you always wanted to learn more about but never get the time. 

Dates will be announced soon. For more information on our speciality packages, send an e-mail to, or call +27 63 241 3020. 

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Animal Welfare & Photography

Animal Welfare & Photography

Check-in: Thursday | Check-out: Sunday

Life truly is like a camera, if you focus on what’s important, you have unbridled opportunities to capture the most beautiful moments.

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Animal Welfare & Birding 

Animal Welfare & Birding 

Check-in: Monday | Check-out: Thursday

 Combining our plethora of birdlife at the sanctuary and our Majestic big cats is a sensory overload and retreat not to be missed.
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