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Arrive as a student and leave as a animal welfare ambassador


An international and innovative platform focused on special care tailored to each of our unique big cats and their needs. LIONSROCK is one of only 5 true sanctuaries in the country but is unique in so many ways and you will be joining a dynamic team who have dedicated their lives to this field.  

You will assist and learn first-hand from our resident experts about pressing animal welfare issues and what can be done about them. Learn, lend a hand and just enjoy what will undoubtedly be a life-altering course and break from your everyday routine. Arrive as a student and leave a little more adept and as an ambassador for all that is good about life and the world of animal welfare. 

Animal Welfare and Nutrition 
(Monday to Thursday, 3 Nights)

  1. Check-in: Monday 1 May 2023
    Check-out: Thursday 4 May 2023
  2. Check-in: Monday 17 July 2023
    Check-out: Thursday 20 July 2023
  3. Check-in: Monday 7 August 2023
    Check-out: Thursday 10 August 2023

Animal Friendly Traveller
(Thursday to Sunday, 3 Nights)

  1. Check-in: Thursday 27 April 2023
    Check-out: Sunday 30 April 2023
  2. Check-in: Thursday 15 June 2023
    Check-out: Sunday 18 June 2023
  3. Check-in: Thursday 21 September 2023
    Check-out: Sunday 24 September 2023  

For more information on our academy courses, send an e-mail to, or call +27 83 408 0473. 


Animal Friendly Traveller

Animal Friendly Traveller

Check-in: Thursday| Check-out: Sunday

Sanctuary tour. Hike to the platform with a majestic view of the sanctuary and a trip to Tiger Valley and enjoy an exclusive 
behind-the-scenes tour

For more information, click here 

Animal Welfare & Nutrition 

Animal Welfare & Nutrition 

Check-in: Monday | Check-out: Friday

 Watch our caretakers feed our big cats, A relaxing amble around the sanctuary at your own pace and watch our Big Cats interact with enrichment items you have made yourself 

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