Tigress Juno at LIONSROCK

tigress juno


Mother of the 'FELIDA tiger family'

Juno was born in 2000 in a zoo in Great Britain. Together with her partner Cromwell, she came to the Netherlands in 2002, where she gave birth to two litters. In May 2015, Juno, her partner and her offspring all moved to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.


Tigress Juno in LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Two litters

At the tender age of two years old, Juno and her partner Cromwell moved from a zoo in Great Britain to a rescue centre in the Netherlands. Despite the little space for all the animals, Juno was pregnant twice, in 2004 and 2009. We met Juno, her partner Cromwell, her sons Raspoetin, Rafik and Mirza and her daughter Zita in the end of 2013, right before FOUR PAWS took over the rescue centre in the Netherlands and named it FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 

Not enough space

In FELIDA the tiger family was known as 'the six big tigers', as they appeared very big especially concerning their small enclosures. They had far too little space and were strong and healthy enough to be transferred to LIONSROCK in South Africa. In May 2015, the entire family made this exciting journey. Since then, the tigers have adapted very well to their new home where they were given more space to run, climb and play. 

Elderly care 

In 2016 Juno was treated on her eye as she had a severe eye infection and ulcer on her cornea and subsequently her left eye had to be removed. Luckily she recovered very well from this. 
Sadly not much later, in 2017, we had to say goodbye to Juno's partner Cromwell due to kidney failure and a tumour on his adrenal gland. Juno stayed behind and it took a while for her to stop missing him, but she can fortunately still enjoy the company of her oldest son Raspoetin, who lives next to her. Despite her advanced age she is doing well and the team at LIONSROCK monitors this old lady closely. 


  • Born in Great Britain on October 28th, 2000
  • A Siberian tiger
  • Mother of Raspoetin, Rafik, Mirza and Zita
  • Can be recognised easily as she is missing an eye
  • Very calm because of her advanced age