Natascha and Gandhi

The female tigers from Germany, born 2003, arrived at Lionsrock on 25th September 2012

As young animals these two tigresses were abandoned by a circus in France and left behind in a small trailer – where they had to endure 3 years, before an animal welfare organization learnt about their fate and managed to save them from those horrible conditions.

The tigresses were moved to a small zoo in Germany, which unfortunately had to close down a year later and Natasha and Gandhi were in danger to be euthanized, if no other home could be found. An animal shelter, which had an empty holding facility for big cats, agreed to take the two tigers in. The search for a more appropriate home was not successful as scientific zoos are not willing to take endangered species like tigers without proof of their purebred origin.

Tigers bred in circuses are often hybrids and the lack of proper breeding management and the dubious practice of documentation results in isolation and exclusion from any scientific values for species conservation.