Feeding of the lions

A species-appropriate home for more than 100 animals, mainly big cats rescued from zoos, private captivity or the entertainment industry.

All animals require approximately 400 kg of meat per day, which is 2.800 kg of meat per week. About half of the meat fed to the animals is donated by surrounding farmers, who offer the carcasses when cows die from natural causes. The balance of the meat requirements has to be purchased, which becomes very costly during the seasons when there are no cow carcasses to donate.

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You can alos call us: +27 (0) 83 407 5935

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Enrichment program at LIONSROCK

In order for the rescued animals to be active during the day, the team on site prepares regularly the enrichment based on the requirements of the animals. They are usually self-made objects, covered in different scents to stimulate natural play and behaviour.   


In addition to the rescued animals and the beautiful landscape at LIONSROCK, the sanctuary offers various activities for visitors.  The Lodge itself offers a diversity of accommodation to suit the needs of visitors, ranging from luxury en-suite rooms to self-catering facilities for up to 70 guests.

A restaurant, bar and tea garden serve all sorts of tempting treats and cater to all dietary requirements (by arrangement). The atmosphere and staff are warm and friendly.
Guests have a range of activities to keep busy during the day and families will find the surroundings ideal. Game drives, swimming pool, bird watching and hiking trails in the natural surroundings are ideal relief from city life.