Feeding of the lions

A species-appropriate home for more than 100 animals – mainly big cats rescued from zoos, private captivity or the entertainment industry.

All the big cats require approximately 50 kg of meat per day, which is 3 500 kg of meat per week. About half of the meat fed to the animals is donated by surrounding farmers, who offer the carcasses when cows die from natural causes. The balance of the meat requirements has to be purchased, which becomes very costly during the seasons when there are no cow carcasses to donate.

Enrichment program at LIONSROCK

To enhance the quality of life for the rescued big cats, the on site animal caretakers and volunteers provide them with daily enrichment that stimulate their natural instincts. The enrichments are designed to keep the animals active while stimulating their natural wild instinct. 

The team uses a variety of enrichment products to activate the big cats’ natural instinct to stalk their prey or mark their territory. This is done by spraying perfume or other scents on tree trunks or hiding vegetables in cardboard boxes.

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