caruso the Friendly tiger

Twelve-year-old Caruso was born in a German safari park and traded to a circus, where he was raised by hand until he was two years old and ended up in a rescue centre in the Netherlands. 

Until Four Paws took over, all he knew was pain, stress and boredom. But thanks to the special care at the Four Paws-owned big cat centre, Felida, Caruso recovered from his past suffering and found his forever home at Lionsrock.

“We are so proud of this brave tiger. His transfer went without complications and Caruso can now adjust to his new environment and relax. He had a tough start in life but developed into a friendly and playful tiger. Seeing him in Lionsrock is everything we could have wished for.” – Barbara van Genne

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The 12-year-old tiger was found at a Dutch rescue centre where he was confined to a small cage in inappropriate keeping conditions and a victim to inadequate care.

Four Paws took over the centre in 2013 and renamed it Felida Big Cat Centre which contributed to the growth and improvement in little Caruso.

Back then, Caruso showed symptoms of stress and stereotypical behaviour, but with the special care provided at Felida, he improved massively.

"He underwent several surgeries to relieve him of severe dental pain. FOUR PAWS provided Caruso with more space and a small pool and he happily took naps on his new platforms and played with his enrichment frequently."

Caruso is adapting well to the new environment and is a very playful and happy tiger.