Andy, the Romanian lioness

A Selfie-Mascot for tourists on the beach

Andy, a lioness, was born in June 2011 and was bought from a zoo in Timisoara, Romania, by two young girls who wanted to use her as a mascot for photo shoots with tourists on the beach.  When the girls discovered that it was illegal for a private owner to keep wild animals they gave up their idea. The girls found an animal lover who agreed to look after Andy at his home outside Timisoara.

Unfortunately the conditions at his home were totally unsuitable; for most of her young life Andy spent around 20 hours per day inside a 9 sq. m. room, completely alone.  This situation would have been a torment for a very active and playful cub.  In the months before her relocation to LIONSROCK the owner followed the recommended nutrition and medication advice provided by Vier Pfoten’s veterinarian, Cornel Stoenescu.

Andy arrived at LIONSROCK on 5th July 2012. We are trying to find another young lion to join Andy as a companion.