Afra is the resident princess of LIONSROCK and has stolen the hearts of many guests. 

She too, like all of our big cats, was rescued from an uncertain fate that awaited her. Afra was brought to LIONSROCK from George, in the Western Cape, after the NSPCA couldn’t find a suitable home for her. 

Afra’s predecessor, one of our beloved furry children had died due to health complications. Looking at finding a suitable partner for Jazz, we came about hearing of Afra.

She has a gentle and free spirit, who loves to jump into every little puddle of water wherever she can find one. She is always providing comfort wherever she goes and is making everyone feel welcome. Most of our guests have come to know Afra quite well, and she definitely is one of the LIONSROCK celebrities. 


  • LIONSROCK’s resident border collie
  • She loves naps
  • Born in 2012 
  • Crazy about water and getting dirty, no matter the weather.
  • Likes to join a game drive with the guests every now and then