LIONSROCK, a wildlife holiday and animal rescue project  

How your stay at our sanctuary helps the welfare of rescued animals

FOUR PAWS, an animal rescue organisation

FOUR PAWS in an animal welfare non-profit organization dedicated in improving the lives of animals under direct human control.

We began this project with the goal of finding a suitable species-appropriate for our rescued animals; big cats around the world. Most out our big cats were rescued from private zoos, circuses, or the entertainment industry. Their lives were full of pain and suffering, but now, they can enjoy the remainder of their days in a large enclosure with their own kind.

Combining animal welfare and your holiday

Now LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is open to the public and can be visited anytime throughout the year. Our unique project combines animal welfare and tourism. We want to ensure our guests have an amazing experience while contributing to the welfare of our rescued big cats.

Every cent spent towards LIONSROCK directly and significantly supports our rescued big cats.

We offer a safari-like experience with trained staff to guide and inform you about our animals and project.

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